Outback Presents Comedian Rodney Carrington---coming to the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center--just in time--January 6th, 2022 when we'll all be looking for something to do or go see! Tickets go on sale This Friday morning at 10 am online and at the Wagner Noel Box Office. Rodney Carrington has been making the masses laugh for decades... From Comedy specials to making appearances on television in his own sitcom called "Rodney", and in movies like "Beer For My Horses" which co-starred Toby Keith... Rodney Carrington does not disappoint when it comes to laughs! He has albums filled with funny--like Morning Wood, El Nino Loco, Hangin' With Rodney, King Of The Mountains, and Get Em Out. You don't wanna miss this show--it'll sell out fast!

You can win your way into this mature audiences only show this week with tickets from Gwen and Gunner BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM! Here's how:

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Everyone loves Gunner's Dad Joke Of The Day... And there are a LOT of people who like to call the show or message us on the Lonestar 92.3 app and tell Gwen and Gunner one of their own. So--turn that joke of yours into Free Tickets! Comment below and tell Gunner YOUR BEST Dad Joke! Daily jokes will be chosen at random from the comments section and that person will win their way in to see Rodney Carrington! So get crackin' those jokes in the comments below--and GOOD LUCK!

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