In case you didn't know, Willie Nelson is all about your health and well being. He is also out to help the smaller farmers.

Willie Nelson is now offering Willie's Remedy Coffee, and it's infused with hemp oil.  But, it doesn't contain any THC, the stuff that gets you high.  It may not get you high but one bag is high. It is $36 a bag.

It's a medium-dark, whole-bean blend that's sourced from three different Colombian beans.  If that doesn't rock you,and you need more incentive, Willie says if you buy some you'll be helping the farmers.

The coffee is part of a line of health and wellness products called Willie's Brand that his wife Annie is overseeing.  Here's her pitch:  "It's not about getting high, but it's still all about Willie and the benefits we believe cannabis has to offer."

You find all of Willie's health and wellness products Willie's Remedy.

Willie Nelson will be performing at the Wagner Noel. There are limited tickets available. Get TICKETS here!

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