William Michael Morgan returns with a sultry new track called "Tonight Girl." The slow jam highlights the singer's deep vocals as he sings about falling in love with a girl he just met.

"I'd have to say that it's right here / I'd have to say that it's right now / I'd have to say it's the coolest little corner / In the coolest little bar that I've ever found / If there ever was a best buzz / If anything ever rocked my world / These drinks, your eyes / That dress, that's right / I'd have to say it's tonight, girl," he croons in the chorus.

The Mississippi native's velvety-smooth vocals stay with the listener, while the hand-snapped rhythms and throwback feel put him in a league of his own. A three-minute video brings the song to life: Directed by Colin Duffy, the mainly performance clip has the singer seated on a stool singing the song while looking seductively at the camera with his signature cowboy hat, jeans and button-down shirt.

“A lot of the casinos down in Vicksburg, Miss., get packed out every night with blues music and soul," he says in a statement. "It’s everywhere, and they play right from the heart, so I wanted to put some of that sound on there. 'Tonight Girl' is a snapshot of how good it feels to have that one simple moment; that one night with someone special."

"Tonight Girl" is the first hint of new music from the traditional country singer. Morgan stormed the country scene with his 2016 debut single “I Met A Girl,” which rose to No. 1 on the country charts last year.

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