I have always thought it would be so cool to own a  monkey as a pet, like a real live monkey. I've always wanted a chimpanzee. It's almost like they are human. For the most part, you hear stories that monkeys are great and fun and then you hear stories where they can be very territorial or mean. Remember when a woman had her face ripped off by her own chimp. She ended up having to have a face transplant.

I had my own scary encounter with a monkey back on a cruise in 2019. You know how they have those tourist traps where you can take pictures with monkeys and birds, well my friend wanted to do it, so we did. The monkey was so cute and it was crawling all over me and then, it bit my thumb. I was so scared it might have broken the skin and I had rabies. I was lucky, not everyone comes out safe or even alive.

This story is so sad. According to Fox News, a couple was enjoying time with their infant son on their rooftop terrace in Bareilly, India when a pack of wild monkeys attacked them. Nirdesh Upadhyay and his wife were on the third-floor terrace when the monkeys ascended and attacked. Nirdesh who was holding the baby at the time tried to run from the monkeys and fell causing him to drop his four-month-old son.   The next part is so sad. He couldn't get to the baby before the monkeys grabbed the child and threw him off the roof of the three-story building, the child was killed instantly.

Family members heard the commotion from down and ran to try to help but they were too late, they themselves were also attacked. On a day that was supposed to have been a celebration for the baby's namesake, it turned out to be nothing but a celebration.  An investigation is underway.

According to Fox News: 

Monkeys have been known to terrorize the people of India. In 2019, a pack of the animals chased a 60-year-old woman off a roof, to her death. In 2018, a monkey fatally bit a 12-day-old child after taking him from his mother's arms.

Please never engage with animal life you are not familiar with, the consequences could be deadly.

White-throated capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) screaming
Ryan McVay

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