There is a really good reason why I have a pic with this man!

Many of you may not know who this man is just by looking at him. His name is Narvel Blackstock. He and his son Brandon, Kelly Clarkson's husband, are part of Blake Shelton's management team. But that is not the reason I wanted to take a picture with him.

I wanted to take a picture with him because he is Reba's ex-husband, and I love anything Reba. I am the biggest Reba fan. I am such a fan I took a picture with a man who used to be married to her, just because they were married.  LOL I know that is a little on the stalker side but that's ok, I am a super fan!

I know I am not the only stalker fan out there. What is the craziest thing you have taken a picture of just because it belonged to someone you are a fan of?


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