We all find different things in life satisfying. Somethings might seem normal to some and then somethings might seem weird to others. I know I am not the only one out there that finds this satisfying. I can sit and watch this forever. My friends and I will send these videos to each other all the time or we will tag each other on social media.  I can sit and watch pimple popping videos. I guess you call me a voyer   I don't know why I find this so satisfying. I love the black head videos the most. Even the grossest one don't bother me. Their something satisfying about watch the pimple pop and release what is inside.

My question is how do people let their skin that bad or how do people let cysts get so big they have to go see Dr. Pimple popper. I could never let something get so big.  I would either try to pop it or get it out myself or go to a doctor. I would never let something get so big it hangs off of me. For example there was on lady on Dr. Pimple Popper that let something that was calcified grow out of her hair. Another woman had a blackhead that had been there since 1976. If things get so big on your body you have to name them, then you should have seen a doctor a long time ago.

I even like the ear wax removal ones. I am obsessed with cleaning out my ears, I do it every day, so to watch someone with all kinds of wax and stuff being removed makes me so happy.

Are you a weirdo like me?


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