My Cardiologist says that I need to walk 30 minutes a day every single day to get exercise. I picked up a treadmill from a coworker in Chicago before I moved here and managed to use it a few times before we moved to West Texas. My step daughter and wife have gotten a ton more usage out of it here that I have, but I'm still ok and on the path I'm supposed to be. How?


In November, we rescued a hound mix named Reagan. We kept her name because she's 8 years old and it would be hard to change it on her now (and--it's the name of my all-time Favorite President that we've had--so it's all good to me). Reagan keeps me on track by gently reminding me every day that it's time to take her for a walk. There are many days she ends up getting two walks because my wife also takes her. It's been fun exploring the neighborhood I live in and seeing everything surrounding it, and all the different ways to get around.

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We do the "Pet of the Week" feature every Wednesday where there's a featured fur baby that's in need of their forever home; I encourage you, rather than getting a puppy from a pet store--to visit the shelter and adopt. These babies are so sweet--I love my Reagy so much and I appreciate all she brings to our household--especially keeping us all healthier with regular exercise. Click "Home" and scroll over to the Pet Of The Week and take a look.


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