One of the gazillion things you have to find when you more to a new area, in addition to new doctors, a new dentist, new favorite grocery store, new favorite restaurants, ALL OF IT... But you also have to find new things for your pet--like a new Vet and a new Dog Groomer. We have 3 dogs that are all rescues at our house and the one that needs to be groomed the most often is our little Shih Tzu Lexi.


She's not a big fan if people giving her a makeover or trim, and can't stand it when people touch her face, let alone take clippers to it... But she gets to the point where I start to call her Ralph (after the character on the Road Runner / Wyle E. Coyote cartoons--the big white sheep dog with the cover over his eyes) because her eyes are covered and she can't see very well. Then it's time to give in and take her. We've tried a few here but haven't found one yet that we're in love with the job they do.


So if you have any suggestions, please hit me up here and tell me who YOU use. Preferably in Midland and reasonable on prices (she averages about $50 a groom). She's such a sweet baby and she's super cute when she has a good groom:


But I'm Dad and Dad is of course, biased.  We all love our fur babies and I'm sure yours at your house are just as spoiled as mine are at mine. So any suggestion is much appreciated.

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