After three episodes of Moon Knight, it’s the question every Marvel fan wants answered: Who is Moon Knight’s third personality?

The first episode of the show introduced us to Steven Grant, a humble gift-shop clerk, and Marc Spector, a mercenary turned superhero and avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. But this week has made it clear that there are times when netiher Marc nor Steven are in control of their body. There has to be at least one more personality hiding in their fractured brain then. But who is it? Is it Moon Knight himself? Is it Khonshu? Is it Jake Lockley, another one of Marc/Steven’s split personalities from Moon Knight comics?

That’s the subject of our latest Moon Knight video, which breaks down all the clues to this latest episode of the show, and asks an even bigger question: What if this third personality is Moon Knight’s real villain? Watch it below:

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