Who is Jason Collier and why is everyone talking about him? All day on social media I was seeing post about this guy named Jason Collier. They were keeping up with him and getting tea on his life, so last night I decided to do some investigating.

When I first googled him, a basketball player came up but I looked at the story at the top and found him. I don't know what this guy was thinking or how he thought he could keep up with all of this mess but somehow he did for a while. He wasn't just living a double life but a triple or quadruple wife.  He his married but is engaged to two women, and has a few girlfriends. Can you say this will definitely be made into a movie!

Let's start at the beginning. Jason Collier is the Chief of Police in Stinnett, a small town in the Amarillo area. His currently married with four children, two from his ex-wife and two with his current wife.

Sounds normal right? It does until you throw in all the other women he led to believe that his ex-wife was dead and his current marriage had been annulled. One woman back in 2007 he told her his first wife was dead and that wasn't true. He may also be connected to a missing woman.

This story is so crazy, so I am just going to let you read if from Heavy. How this all came out was one of the women he was engaged to busted him and called him out on Facebook, tagging the city where he lives Facebook page and then people just started coming out of the woodwork.

All I can say is this guy must be exhausted keeping up with all of these women and his stories. This story is so insane, I can't even comprehend it. The bad part is more and more will keep coming out. 


Have you ever heard of anything like this?



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