I'm sure the kid's are running out of things to do and you are running out of ideas. My little home town of Seminole came up with a great idea to get the kid's out of the house all while social distancing.

My aunt passed along this great idea given out by here church. Here is the idea, a critter hunt! Everyone puts out their favorite stuffed critters or statues of critters (i.e. bears) on their porches or in their window. Parents drive kids around town seeing how many "Critters" they can find. They are doing this from March 28th - April 5th. My aunt and uncle have a large neon stuffed monkey sitting in the rocking chair on their front porch.

No outside interaction is involved. Everyone stays in the car and it gets the kids out of the house and gives them something to do, kind of like the Pokemon game did a few years ago. Document and keep track of how many critters are found. 


I say we pass this small activity to all of area cities. Business can get involved too!

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