Their names are PARKING LOT DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS. I'm not sure why those folks didn't keep in mind when building parking lots all throughout the Permian Basin--that EVERYONE HERE OWNS TRUCKS. I have yet to park somewhere that I don't practically need a can opener to either get out of my car after I've parked or almost need to borrow a couple of Marshallers from Midland International Airport to guide me out of a parking spot when I'm ready to leave.

Marshaller From The 510Th Fighter Squadron Aviano Air Base Italy Guides An F 16 Fighting Falcon
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And we can't forget to mention on any given weekend-the mall parking lots are a sheer joy to get thru when there are multiple trucks parked across from each other, making the aisles skinny to get thru. Bonus points if they have hitches on them that stick way out, too.


Many truck owners have started to back into parking spaces so that it's easier for them to leave by pulling forward and being able to see clearly, rather than fight trying to judge the tiny area they have to back out of using a dashboard camera for assistance. I think these parking lot designers and builders based measurements for the spaces on everyone owning a 1999 Geo Metro...

Ohio Higway Shooting Suspect
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Not sure what, if anything, City Governments can do to make parking spaces a legal minimum width and length, and force these stores and malls to re-stripe their lots to make them safer and more accommodating to all their patrons, but this writer thinks it's certainly worth a conversation!

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