With all of the home remodeling and repairs I've been doing--It got me thinking about the dynamic of having a spouse or significant other who was really good at fixing things and doing the do-it-yourself projects around the house versus someone who isn't very handy AT ALL... And what that might look like in today's home and family environment. And I'm not talking about the Dads out there who are just lazy around the house because they're tired after working all day, and I'm not talking about the guys who just have zero interest in ever picking up a hammer (I equate those guys to guys like me--who were NEVER interested in learning auto mechanics and who have never tinkered with the inner workings of a car or truck). Nothing wrong with it if it just doesn't motivate you, to never explore or look deeper into learning home repairs or upkeep.

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But there's another guy out there, too. The guy who DOES like it, DOES know how to do it--and just chooses not to. Doesn't feel he need to "prove" he can do anything. My dad was the tired guy coming home from work. He worked in a factory 8 hours a day and was just plain exhausted when he got home. And back then it was more acceptable for a guy to come home, eat dinner, and kick his feet up at the end of the day and relax / watch tv and leave dinner and the kids to his spouse. Today's guy is expected to work all day, participate in the making of dinner, help clean up after dinner, and participate and engage the family for the evening til bedtime.

Nowadays with most households being two-income, and with both parents working, everyone is tired at the end of the day from working a full time job--Not just Dad. Just a different time in our Country's history. But the lazy dad / lazy guy still lives on when it comes to doing things around the house concerning remodeling or repairs. What do you think?  Which Is Worse: A Man Who Can Fix Anything But Chooses Not To, Or A Man Who Can't Fix Anything? I'd say the absolute worst would be the guy who can't fix anything but who tries anyway and breaks everything. Post your thoughts in the comments below and join us Monday morning as we talk about this on the show at 9:10am! Have a great weekend!

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