Last week in Midland County-The Anderson family lost everything. Their Teenaged daughter, 15 year old Huyana Tatiana Anderson, and everything they owned. Tawny Anderson suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and will have to have 3 to 4 surgeries, with a long road to recovery both physically and emotionally, as one can imagine... Gary also suffered burns  It's close to home for all of us here at Lonestar 92.3 because of our partnership with the Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals, with whom we do Gwen and gunner's pet of the week each Wednesday at 9:10am. Tawny is on staff there and is the one who coordinates with Gunner each week on that week's Pet.

Our hearts go out to all the family, loved ones and friends of the Anderson's, and we ask that if you can, there is a Go Fund Me page that's been set up to offset medical and funeral expenses for the family. Here is the link to the page that's been set up by coworkers at Lone Star. Anything you can do--even if it's to share the page on social media, is greatly appreciated. We here at Lonestar 92.3 know how generous and giving this community is--so let's take care of our own. And thank you!