We all know that I am blonde and sometimes I prove that, buy doing something dingy. But the last two weeks have been over the top. You guys won't believe what I have done. Let me just preface this by saying I was really exhausted. Most people think that after I get off the air, when the morning show is finished, that I am just done for the day. Let me tell you that is not what happens. I leave a four hour morning show to work a 6-8 hour full time job. I lot of people don't know that I also sell advertising for our stations. Not to mention when we have concerts and I have to go out late at night. The several weeks we have had a lot going on and I was just worn out. If these weren't tell tell signs I needed a break, then I don't know what is.

Let's go back to May 21st, that day I of course I went to work at 6am and worked most of the day, a live broadcast from Midland Chevy and then we had Riley Green at the Hacienda. Well I showed up to the Hacienda with my shirt inside out. Had  it not been for the girls at the Hacienda seeing it, I would have gone all night with it that way.

Fast forward to Monday and Tuesday May 24-25th.  I promoted the wrong band at Rockin Rodeo. I cut the wrong commercial and wrote a completely false article and caused a lot of confusion.

Then last Friday I showed up to my live broadcast at Midland Dodge  with two different shoes on. I had stopped off at my house to try to catch a nap before I had to go to Dodge, so when I put my shoes back on to leave I didn't even notice they were two different one. I had been there for an hour and half before I noticed.

I know there are people out there like me, don't make be feel like the only one. 

wrong shoes

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