A scene from my patio looking toward the back fence... The Baseball/Soccer field behind the house has flooded with all of the heavy rainfall we've sustained here in Midland over the past few days and there is more in the forecast for tonight. And while I enjoy the fact that I can save some money and turn the sprinkler system off for a few days-it does slightly worry me that if this keeps up at this pace-these kids will be floating into my backyard before I know it. In the meantime-it's fun to watch them blowing up the inflatable boat, getting out the oars, and going for a boat ride while the water is high enough to carry them around as if it were a man-made lake meant to be there. What makes it the most fun is that since we really have NO water in West Texas to speak of (at least non that I'm aware of in the immediate Midland-Odessa area where you can go boating or fishing)--it's nice to see them take advantage of this opportunity before it recedes and goes away.

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I've seen neighbors with Speed Boats on trailers down my street all hitched up to trucks getting ready to pull out and head to a vacation spot in order to be able to enjoy their boats; I'm sure they wish something like this was deep enough so they didn't have to travel somewhere a few hours from here (I've heard that San Angelo is the closest place to do some actual boating or jet ski riding) but since I'm not from here I'm at the mercy of the words of native West Texans. I've only driven THROUGH San Angelo when my wife and I took a trip to San Antonio last year, so you couldn't prove it by me. This is a great example of taking something unpleasant (flooding) and turning it into something fun to do-and I love it.

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