Every family on earth has a family recipe that someone is dying to get. We all have that one dish that only Mama can make. All my life my mom has made eggrolls that everyone loves. Everyone, especially family members always beg my mom to make them.

Mama used to make eggrolls several times a year and then it moved to only special occasions. Now she never makes them. She made a tiny batch not that long ago, but I only got one. Insert sad face!

Last weekend my best friend and her family came to stay with me and she asked if I would make her jambalaya and bread pudding so I did. We were sitting around talking and she said since your parents are coming tomorrow maybe we can talk your mom into making eggrolls. Since I was baby sitting her dog I told her she could have the dog back if she would make us eggrolls the next day. She tried to say that it was too much work to stand up and roll all of those eggrolls. We told her we would do it. But we needed the recipe. and she finally gave it to me, only because I had to go to the store and buy the stuff.  I went to the store and got all the stuff we needed to make the eggrolls and mama taught my best friend and I to make her famous eggrolls. I felt like a kid and so special that she would teach me how to make them.

If you think I am going to give you the recipe, I can't, it's one of those secret things.

Are there any secret family recipes that you were so happy to learn how to make?


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