What's With The Construction Work On Highway 191 Between Midland and Odessa? If you have driven on Highway 191 with eastbound or westbound you might have noticed  that they are working on the MEDIAN on Highway 191 between East and West traffic flow.  Yep, they are putting in a MEDIAN BARRIER.

How you ever been on Highway 191 either heading to Midland or Odessa and notice vehicles cut across the median to make a U-turn and head the other way? Of course it is illegal to do, but I'm sure you've seen many vehicles do it in the past. Well, apparently that will be a thing of the past,.

According to the Tx Dot website....

The work will start near East Loop 338 and be done in two-mile segments. Lane closures are possible at different stages of the project, but an effort will be made to minimize impact to the traveling public. Lane closures cannot begin before 8 a.m. and cannot extend past 5 p.m. according to the plans. Unforeseen circumstances may make isolated exceptions necessary.

So what exactly is going up? A CABLE MEDIAN type fence stretching 13 miles between Midland and Odessa. The article also stated that the speed limit will be 65 during construction so make sure to READ AND OBEY all traffic signs during this time.

In the long run it's all about SAFETY for all of us here in the Permian Basin that use Highway 191.  So buckle up, have some patience and please look out for all of the workers doing the construction on Highway 191.

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