Is there anything on the Whataburger menu that you do love? I don't think I have ever heard someone say they don't like something on the Whataburger menu, so when I found out Whataburger was saying goodbye to a certain sandwich, I knew I had to spread the word, so everyone could enjoy it before it's gone.

Gwendolyn McCown

Whataburger's Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich will be saying goodbye very soon, but the good news is, Whataburger says it's only taking a vacation. Whataburger says it will return to the menu at some point and time but for now, it must vacation. So if you are a fan of the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich you better enjoy it while it lasts.

If one thing is going away then that must mean something new is coming or something else is making a come back. What would you like to see Whataburger add to their menu? Would you like to see something new or see them bring something back?

If you haven't checked out the Whatastore lately, check out the spring selections.

Whataburger Store Spring Items

Whataburger Store Spring Items 


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