One thing is for sure-once you've gotten your very first tattoo--you want more. Even if it hurt when you got it done. Even if it was a pain to keep it moist with the salve or vaseline. Even if it was a pain wearing long sleeves while it healed. Hopefully, you were smart and didn't get a significant other's name written on your body. I've seen that one go bad on a personal level as my ex-wife had my name on her shoulder. She ended up getting a Bluebird tattooed over the top of it when we split. Regardless of whether it's just a small image of a flower, a symbol that means something to you, a heart, kids' names--whatever... You'll always want another one.

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I have one I need to have redone because the borders have become smudged and blurry. The logo of my beloved Chicago White Sox on my left shoulder. So I'm on a mission to find someone who can outline the logo in white and get it looking sharp again. And I'm thinking my other shoulder needs to have the Chicago Bears one I have written over with my Kansas City Chiefs. Thinking about these things got me wondering--what would be THEE perfect tattoo that represented our area here? Would it be one of a Pump Jack? Would it be the rigging? Would it be a desert scene with tumbleweeds? Or maybe an oil can? Comment below and tell us what YOU think would be the ultimate tattoo that would represent the Midland-Odessa area--and we'll talk about it on the air!

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