There are other States in the Union, like Oklahoma for example, that have official State "Meals", so why not Texas? The Official State "Dish" is Chili... But that in and of itself isn't necessarily a "meal". The Oklahoma State "Meal" consists of a huge variety of courses... Everything from Chicken Fried Steak, to Barbequed Pork and Fried Okra, to cornbread, squash, sausage with biscuits and gravy, black-eyed peas, strawberries, and pecan pie. So in comparison, to just say Texas has Chili, seems to fall short. Not that only Chili is a terrible thing because I know so many people who have out-of-this-world chili recipes... But considering we are known for our Barbeque, we should at least add THAT to the list.

Close up of barbecue pulled park sandwich and French fries

I'd also add steak, potatoes, and some kind of vegetable... Toss in some Mexican fare as well since we have such an amazing Hispanic population in the State that makes such incredible dishes... Amazing tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos... among other things we could add as a course. Of course, we'd keep the pecan pie and peach cobbler as State desserts to wrap it all up with. We can also discuss what to wash it all down with (official Texas State Drink), but that's a whole other conversation! To go along with our awesome weather, we eat pretty well here in the Lonestar State. So I think we can do better than JUST CHILI as an official state meal. What would YOU add to the list? Comment below and tell us!

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