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Can I Go To A Wedding I Wasn't Invited To? Because, I plan on hitting it up. A friend that we know has invited many of my fiends in my circle but did not invite me. I told my husband we are going anyways, and he feels like we shouldn't plain and simple because we were not invited. Is it wrong to CRASH it?


They didn't invite you for a reason. Spare yourself the embarrassment and don't go

Yes, it’s wrong to crash it! Some venues have a capacity and catering for weddings usually cost per person. When I got married, I would of definitely been pissed if you tried to crash it. It’s 100% wrong, and my security would be told to kick you out.

Why would you want to go to an event you weren’t invited to?

I could never go where I'm not wanted!

Nazario R
They don't want you there for a reason!

I can see why they didn't invite you.

There is probably a reason you weren't invited. My wedding in October has only a 50 guest limit because of the tickets and catering. I'd be pissed if someone came and took food or a ticket from someone else we invited. I did make it clear to people why it was limited. We also plan on having a celebration closer to home afterwards for those who can't make the trip and weren't invited to tye actual ceremony.

Enedine B
Oh lawdy. Some folks have zero class. If they wanted you there, you'd have gotten an invite. Don't ruin someone's wedding day!

If you showed up to my wedding uninvited. I’d have you thrown out.



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