Buzz Question: My new wife is awesome but she's doing something that I'm not used to. She actually schedules our SEX TIME! Like literally will set up  a schedule for Tuesday, Friday and whatever. Even down to the time.  I've told her her we just need to let happen when it happens , but she insist we do this. Look, I like BOOM BOOM time, but it just doesn't feel natural. Right?


Bro you made cause she pencils you in for 2 1/2 maybe 3 minutes?? Tell her out some respek on it!! Y’all both have a schedule right just make an all day event and send it to her tell her clear your schedule it’s boom boom Day!!! We ain’t leaving this r… See more

Could be worse.....I guess

Wow, you actually have a wife that WANTS SEX and your complain about it? NOPE.....!!!!

Her time is obviously precious. So show up on time with pep cuz she’s running that meeting with or without you.

or she will r/s without him

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