Some are Biblical. depends on how religious your parents were when you were born. Some are simple. Nice and short and maybe even rhyme with your first name. Some are traditional. You'll find those on the lists from decade to decade and their popularity never fades away. Some are based on other family members. Some deceased and in honor of them, you carry it on. Some still with us and you honor them in the present with everything you accomplish.

I'm talking about NAMES. Middle names, to be exact. And although I have met a few people in my lifetime who actually don't have one--most people do. And they can come from many different origins. Mine is "Keith". Simple, and in honor of an uncle who had passed before I was born. Many have those honorary names from relatives passed, or perhaps Mom's middle name transfers to baby's middle name like we did for my daughter Sommer--who has her Mom's middle name "Dawn". And then--there are the unusual ones...

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I met a girl when I was 13 and in 8th grade named Kathy. She lived with her Grandmother, who's first name was Maybelle (this was 1983 hence the names--you don't meet many "Maybelles" these days)... One day while over at their house, we started talking about being old enough to drive a car. Maybelle explained to both of us what you had to do to be able to drive, then showed us her Illinois Driver's license. They don't print middle names--or, at least they didn't in 1983--on licenses in Illinois... Just a middle initial--and hers was O.

After spending 20 minutes trying to guess what her middle name was--with the first letter of O--she finally let us in on the secret. Maybelle's middle name was "Overleafy". Yes. You read that correctly. Maybelle Overleafy Lusz. We all had a good giggle over that, and she explained that it had come from HER great grandmother. So many sweet memories from that time in life--and the middle name that makes it so memorable. Who could ever forget "Overleafy"? I know I never will.

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