We definitely need more stories and moments like this. This morning we got such a touching story from a listener.

Hey! I'm not sure who reads this message but I was wondering if you could share this with your listeners: last evening, there was a group of people outside Midland Memorial with signs saying "thank you" to the staff. They were cheering, clapping, and telling us "thank you" as we walked into the hospital for our shifts. I don't know who the group was but as a nurse it was very much appreciated and I definitely got a little tears. We are working hard to take care of Midland and it was nice to have that reminder of the community's support. Thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It is so nice to hear there are people out there who are still trying to do good and spread joy and happiness.

And yes, a huge thank you goes out to all of our frontline workers, doctors, nurses and the support staff that keeps our medical facilities running. Thank you for all you do.


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