As if getting thru loss of power for hours and hours and days and days wasn't enough--now many right here in the Permian Basin are dealing with the aftermath of Snowpocalypse 2021 with pipes that are bursting--causing a LOT of water and flood damage to homes and businesses alike. The thaw has been underway now for a few days and now that almost ALL of the remnants of last week's weather mayhem have vanished from streets, sidewalks and yards--the plumbers are busier than every with emergency calls everywhere from Big Spring, to Andrews, to Monahans and Kermit...

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The biggest thing to remember when you're calling a Plumber--is to please make sure (Just as you do when there's been a hail storm here) that the company you're hiring is bonded, insured and legit. Unfortunately there are many scammers out there who will go door to door offering repair work who have no training or skills or experience to perform the jobs they're soliciting for. So as always , guard yourself and your family and call someone in that's reputable and who'll do the job correctly. That may involve a little bit of a wait--but completely worth it in the end. Do your research when someone knocks.

Our very own Gwen, my partner in crime on the morning show--had her pipe in the garage burst over the weekend. Thankfully it didn't cause major damage. Step one is to turn the water off to the house when this happens. THEN take action. Our partner News West 9 has more:


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