Even though gas has gotten a little cheaper we all know it's still expensive, especially if you drive a diesel. I thought getting a little car would save me on gas, going from a Tahoe to a couple, one would think so, but not when you have to put premium gas in it. It cost just as much.

Experts at Choose My Car are urging people to start driving around with a bowl of water in their cars. You ask how on earth does this save money on gas? The object of the experiment is that you drive so cautiously that the water doesn't spill out. The idea is to make you slow down and not accelerate too fast. Apparently staying under the speed limit helps you save on gas. No wonder I don't get good gas mileage LOL.

According to the EPA, slowly accelerating from a stop can help lower your gas mileage by 40%.

Here's what you are supposed to do: fill a small, maybe cereal bowl about half full and place it in the passenger seat. The object of the game is not to spill any of it, if you drive like me you should probably put a towel underneath the bowl. I am pretty sure, if I did this I would be left with no water in the bowl and a mess in the car.

Driving here in West Texas is challenging. You would have to drive like a granny to make sure no water would be spilled. Our road would probably be a lot safer if we all drove this way, but we all know it's not going to happen.

Drinking water and ice cube in metal bowl, Thai traditional container

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