Just went to use the Keurig at the radio station to make my first morning cup of coffee. Noticed the water was low in the chamber so filled it up…. And when it got to the top I noticed something was floating in it but couldn’t tell what it was. Poured it out and turns out it was a baby scorpion. Rinsed it out, filled it up and made a cup. Thinking it has some extra protein in it! Not sure HOW it got into the water chamber-but I've heard horror stories of roaches being found in there in other parts of the US too. I know we have these here in West Texas-but I've only seen three of them in the 13 months I've lived here. One that was an adult-size was walking down the hallway here at the station outside the studios-and our Market President's husband grabbed it with a pair of pliers and took it outside. The next time was at my house. It was dead (we use a pest control service and it must have gotten into the poison) but it was inside by my back door. And now, today, with the coffee maker.

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But I've heard stories about how they randomly drop from ceilings on people here. Not sure if that's actually true or if the people I was talking to were just trying to freak me out. Now I have this cup of coffee here. It's cold. And I can't seem to bring myself to drink it.

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