Road rage is a real thing and sometimes some people go way too far. Most of the time you can see people yelling in their cars at other cars, maybe you will see them throw their hands in the air, or even share a not-so-nice finger in the air, or sadly things can turn very dangerous. We hear stories all the time of road rage attacks that turn criminal or even deadly.

I was scrolling through Facebook last night, as I call it, reading the paper, and I came across a video someone shared on Facebook of two men getting into a physical altercation at a red light in Odessa. According to a comment on the thread, the altercation took place at the light of JBS and 42nd by Twin Peaks.

Apparently not only was there a physical altercation but a window was broken and a tire was slashed according to one witness.

My question is, why didn't anyone call the cops? No one ever thinks about things like that anymore. Everyone wants to make sure they get the pic or the video for social media instead of trying to get help. Nothing drives me more insane to come across an accident or something where someone needs help and no one is helping but they are all standing there recording it. Stop rubbernecking and be helpful. If it was you needing help don't hope someone would help you instead of just standing there recording it?

I loved this reader's comment:

Maybe the person should have called 911 instead of videoing the event… our society has a huge problem!

Another person said:

at least they didn’t pull out guns

It is so sad that that is one of the first things people think of. No matter how bad it is, it's no reason to pull a gun.

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