The Chiefs may play in Kansas City, but many members of the Chiefs Kingdom are right here in West Texas. The Kansas City Chiefs gained a lot of West Texas fans once they started Patrick Mahomes who played quarterback at Texas Tech.

As you know the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in a row last Sunday in Las Vegas, as they defeated the San Francisco 49ers. After a team wins a championship they return to their home cities for a celebration that includes a parade.  The Chief's celebratory parade was held yesterday in Kansas City. All was well and good and everyone was having a great time including a very intoxicated Travis Kelce, who tried to lead the crowd in a parody version of "Friends In Low Places." Things suddenly came to a screeching halt as gunshots rang through the crowd.

According to the AP, the celebration was ending but there was still loud music playing. Some attendees thought the sounds could have been fireworks until the chaos unfolded. Some people started running and some people just hit the ground.

Trey Filter a Chiefs fan who was attending the celebration when he saw a man fleeing so he and another bystander jumped on the guy and tackled him.

Filter told the AP: I don’t know what the hell I was thinking,” the owner of an asphalt and concrete company recalled. “We was like, ‘We got him.’ I’ll always remember that. And then they started screaming, ‘There’s a gun!’”

Thank goodness for the quick thinking of these two individuals.

Sadly 22 people were shot and 1 was fatally wounded. She was the mother of two small children. The victim's ages range from 8-48, with half of those who were injured were 16 or younger.

Law Enforcement believes that the incident started with an altercation between individuals.

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