What could be more appropriate to be excited about on Veteran's Day than a new establishment coming to Midland that's owned and run by Veterans, that also supports Law Enforcement and First Responders? Up until now-the closest location of the Black Rifle Coffee Company has been in San Antonio--a nice short five-hour drive from here in the Basin.  But soon, we will have our own location right near Fiesta Avenue and Big Spring Street--address 3500 Big Spring St. Construction got underway earlier this year, and it's starting to come together nicely.


All that's missing are the tables and the umbrellas for the shaded outdoor seating area.


No official opening date has been announced, but word is it will open by Christmas this year. Black Rifle was founded by ex-military folks and is veteran-owned. It'll have a nice variety on the menu and is situated in a great spot at about the halfway point between the newest Starbucks location on Big Spring St, and the drive-thru Human Bean location next to Whataburger on Big Spring St. It'll be interesting to see how much business gets split between the three venues as we all stop by for our morning java before work.

The layout of the lot from what we can tell will be a little easier to navigate than the other two-with a special dedicated lane to cars in the drive-thru that won't interfere or clog the parking lot. Black Rifle is very charity-driven, so your purchases will help them give back to the community and the many law enforcement and first responder agencies they support.

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