Yesterday I asked you guys for help with this patch of funk on my face. I did go to the doctor and not one of us was correct on our diagnosis.

I initially thought it was just a fever blister because I have been sick. Many of you thought it was impetigo, and all of you said go to the doctor, which is exactly what I did.

I had all intentions of going to the doctor when I asked for your help, I just wanted to know what all of you thought it was before I could get to the doctor.

Well, the diagnosis is in and I have Shingles. Not only is the spot on my face but my chest is now covered in a red firey rash. I know attractive right? The spot on my face is not too bad but my chest is horrible.

I have learned that the once the area is crusted over it is no longer contagious.But shingles themselves are very contagious and can be very dangerous to pregnant women and or people who have never had the chicken pox. 


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