I was 52 years old the day I discovered you could get unlimited movie passes that would allow you to see any movie, any time, any day, as much as you wanted, for one monthly price depending on which plan you select... And the lowest price is only $18 a month. That's not even equal to the price of two movie tickets depending on how many times you go. That's just crazy! Sure, you have to sign up for a year-but if you love seeing movies on the big screen and love the theater experience when new movies come out (and who doesn't?)-then this will be as exciting for YOU to find out as it was for me! So I had to look and see which (if any) theaters here in the Permian Basin participated in this program. Turns out:

Two red cinema vector tickets.
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Regal does in BOTH Midland AND Odessa. So not only do you get to pick your location and not have to drive forever to get where you want to see a movie-but you get to go whenever you want to. Now THAT is cool! And from what I read, there aren't any limitations when it comes to movies that are brand new releases/opening day or weekend showings... So had my wife and I known this existed, we could have made this purchase, joined the club, and saw Top Gun Maverick for cheaper than what we paid... Then if we wanted to, we could've gone back later that day or the next day and watched it again-FREE because we have unlimited passes. Just crazy. Click for yourself and find out more HERE and we'll see ya at the movies!

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