One of the things I immediately fell in love with when I moved to Midland were the Rockhounds. I grew up in Chicago--a great baseball city extremely passionate about it's teams-didn't matter if you grew up on the north side and loved the Cubs, or the south side and loved the White Sox; or like me--grew up on the north side and loved the White Sox... Baseball was alive and well during my childhood. I attended countless games over the years with both my Dad and my friends as a kid-and much later as an adult. In fact, before I left Illinois I averaged getting to about 12 to 15 games a season.

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So I was excited that my new city has baseball-even if it's minor league. In some cases that's more fun because you get to see future Big-Leaguers in their youth. I've been to several Rockhounds games and I absolutely adore the stadium and the atmosphere at Momentum Bank Ballpark. I'm lucky enough to work for the radio stations and we have a suite there at the stadium for a few games a season we can enjoy. And it's crazy how fast this summer has gone by. You look up and it's the middle of September, and the boys only have two weeks left to the regular season, one of those at home. They're at Momentum Bank Ballpark the 14th thru the 19th and that's it. Unless they make the playoffs-which is possible being 6 games back with 9 left to play. We shall see! But get out to a game and enjoy and support our team--I'll see ya in the stands!

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