Little Big Town have been together since 1998, but the group really started gaining popularity within the past several years. The four-member band has garnered a massive fan base due to their wide repertoire of songs, intricate harmonies and high-energy live shows. But there's another area in which they shine, too: their music videos.

In their music videos, LBT show off various aspects of their group's personalities (and acting abilities). From spooky to lighthearted and from the beaches of Miami to the rural areas of Tennessee, the quartet manage to put out music videos that are captivating, whether they have us running to lock our doors or mixing up a margarita.

The following are our five favorite Little Big Town music videos.

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    The first single from LBT's The Road to Here record, "Boondocks" is a love letter to growing up in rural areas, and the video depicts that pride. It shows a crew of teenagers having a good time in the country; sure, there are no flashy nightclubs, hoppin' bars or shopping malls, but they have ducks (which they chase), and they can get down just as well as the next guy during a hoedown. This video will make anyone -- even the biggest city slicker -- wish for front-porch hangs and a more simple way of life.

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    "Little White Church"

    When a girl gives an ultimatum of "Take me down to the little white church" or else ... her man better scurry on over to the church! LBT's "Little White Church" video shows what happens if the guy drags his feet just a little too long. The video begins with Karen Fairchild getting dressed up for her wedding, with her bandmates joining her soon after -- but what she doesn't see is her mother taking things into her own hands, gagging the groom and tying him up. This funny video tells a story all the way to the very end -- and we're pretty sure the would-be groom learned his lesson once and for all.

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    "Day Drinking"

    This LBT clip proves that sometimes, you just need to do a little day drinking, especially when you're stuck in traffic (but, to clarify -- not while in the car!). In this lighthearted video, the group is sitting in a red Cadillac convertible, and when they're stopped by traffic, they decide to get a little adventurous. After all, it's a sunny day with clear skies; who wants to wait til the 5 'o clock hour to start sippin' on some cocktails? LBT get out of the car, and others follow suit, heading to the beach. Shot in the Miami Beach area, this video will make you want to play hooky and start happy hour a few hours early.

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    "Your Side of the Bed"

    "Your Side of the Bed" is the third single from Little Big Town's Tornado album, and one of their most heavy-hitting songs. The music video is especially moving because it's a fictional depiction of LBT's married couple, Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook. It captures the tension and raw honesty that the lyrics evoke and provides an especially familiar visual for those whose marriage has felt distant, broken or hard. The video depicts Fairchild and Westbrook onstage and among fans, with smiles on their faces, but when the cameras are put away and they're alone, silence replaces the smiles.

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    The spooky "Tornado" music video was fittingly released on Halloween and received several awards nominations, including Music Video of the Year at the 2013 CMA Awards, and won at the 2013 ACM Awards. It co-stars Johnathon Schaech (Jana Kramer's ex-husband) as the object of the band's wrath, and if we were him, we'd be running scared. Lots of intricate details make this video creepy, from the strong winds to the blackbirds and barbed wire.

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