If you are a road tripper (yes, I made that word up), are you like me and meticulously plan beforehand? No, I'm not talking about packing, locking down a hotel, or even coming up with an itinerary. I am talking about the most important road trip necessity of all...snacks!

I don't care if we are heading to your kid's sporting event, cheer camp, or to visit your relatives for the holidays; if you are about to head out on the road, your snack game better be on point!

Honestly, I put myself in charge of the snacks, with good reason. I will wipe out the snack aisle at any given grocery or convenience store. The first place I hit up? The chip aisle, of course! Like most moms, this momma is pretty good at knowing my fam's chip preference. Yes, that is my biggest flex to date. My kids will usually go for anything hot. Cheetos, Fritos or Takis. Really, I cannot go wrong with any of those options.

My better half and I are typically on the same page when we are about to hit the road. If I'm feeling Fritos and bean dip, he doesn't complain. It's usually, 'yeah, that does sound good.' Pork rinds and Funyuns are in my car because who cares about good breath on a long drive, right? LOL. I'm also a potato chip girl when I know a long journey down the highway is in order. Lays and Ruffles just hit different when I know I'm going to scarf down a bag and then nap for the rest of the ride because. Ah, the benefits of not driving! Potato chips are like melatonin, they instantly knock me out!

Now that you know my fam is in the car snacking on nearly every type of chip in the aisle, here it the top five road trip snacks that seem to appear on everyone's list of "must-haves." What's your go-to? Do they match up?

Top Five Items Found in most vehicles on road trips:

  1. The Sweet: Candy. Yes, please. Some of the items include: Swedish Fish. Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and of course, Twizzlers
  2. The Salty: You know my chips made this list! Pringles are coming in on top (probably because of the lid situation). But not to be left in the dust, Fritos and Pretzels also make the salty list.
  3. The "Meal" consists of Beef Jerky! Guessing for those people who don't want to lose time in stopping off for a meal that will fill you up.
  4. The Healthy: Protein Bars. I feel like this one is "newer" to the list. Maybe before the protein bar was common for people, this would have been a banana, orange, or other travel food.
  5. The Combo: Trail Mix. I mean, it makes sense. You get all of the flavors in one bite. Hmmm…maybe this should be added to my cart next time.

Did your favorite road snacks make the TOP LIST? I am sure they did. If not, I hope this helps when planning your next event.

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