Just like people-being selective on who styles and cuts your hair can be hit or miss with pets, too. Every business and stylist has a different level of experience and skillset, and if you don't choose wisely, you can end up with a really bad 'do. The good news is that it grows back, so it's just for a limited time. But that limited time can be no fun to deal with. It's also the same with pets and people that certain stylists are better with certain breeds and knowing what works best with them, just like men and women usually see different people for their haircuts.... so should pets!

So the question was turned over to you--the people of the Permian Basin--to share your opinions and experiences as to who does a great job, who's just so-so, and who to stay away from. Rather than call anyone out--let's just list the top 5 best of the best for our area, as ranked by YOU, in no particular order:

Twisted Sisters - Wags To Riches / Gardendale

sweet pet spitz get shower

16896 N Pecan Ave Gardendale, TX 79758

(432) 258-9130

Liz Baker - Liz's Doggie Doos / Andrews

Therapy Assistance Dogs
Laura Fay

3593 SE 2000 Andrews, TX 79714


Mighty Pup Mobile Grooming And Spa / Midland

dog with piggy bank

(432) 703-1448

Claws And Paws Pet Motel / Midland


1002 East County Rd 128, Midland, TX 79706

(432) 695-4464

Pet's Paradise / Midland


(432) 307-0651

Whether it's a mobile service or they come to you-I love having choices! Thanks to all who commented and contributed to this informal survey of the best groomers in the Permian. Now--off to get Lexi's haircut!

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