There's no other genre of music that connects with people like Country music. Whether you're feeling happy, excited, sad, missing someone, in love, found a new love, you've been cheated on, you're doing the cheating... Pretty much ALL the bases are covered. Or as we like to say--"There's a song for that". From back in the day throwbacks to Today's Hit Country-you're SURE to find a song to connect to how you're feeling given any situation. So-having said that--here is a brief look at some of the BEST Country song titles of all time--to reflect how we've all felt or may be feeling, depending on where in life we're at right now. Feel free to add YOURS in the comments below!

#1. "She's Acting Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)" by Gary Stewart

tired sick man in sorrow drinks rum alone. Man with alcohol Wearing Medical Mask. Corona Virus Concept. quarantined activity. concept of alcoholism from depression. Emotional experience.

Being strung along before the inevitable breakup? This is your song.

#2. "I Hit The Road (And The Road Hit Back)" by Dallas Wayne

dangerous crossing

Dedicated to your profession but paying dues has taken longer than it should? This is your ditty.

#3. "Only Me And My Hairdresser Know" by Kitty Wells

Hairdresser Cutting Client's Hair

We all talk to our stylist while we're in the chair-but how far do you go with what you share? If it's 'No Holds Barred' for you--this number is yours.

#4. "Thank God (And Greyhound) You're Gone" by Roy Clark

Coach Bus

Glad / relieved they're gone for good? This 'Thank you' to the bus company is for you.

#5. "Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart" by Johnny Cash


The title says it all. Don't forget to replace the TP when you're done!

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