Ah "Top 5" lists. We all love to read them. They give us insight into the Best of the Best, no matter WHAT the topic is! Could be Top 5 Shoe Stores In Midland, Top 5 Places To Hide In Odessa And Take A Nap On Your Lunch Hour, Top 5 places to sit outside in the Permian Basin for lunch and NOT have dirt blow in your face.. The lists are endless. Seriously though--if you're thinking about relocating somewhere or maybe just taking a vacation-these are always a fun read to gain insight on your destination. But--they don't JUST have to be about a city, a region, or a State. There are Top 5 lists for a ton of different topics. After all--David Letterman made a nightly thing out of them on Late Night TV for decades (OK--his were Top 10--but we're shortening it for brevity!)

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In Texas--there are so many things to love about this State the Top 5 lists could go on for an eternity. We could even start a keyboard war by talking about the Top 5 Football teams--High School, College and NFL--but we'll save that one for later. For now-let's put a different spin on this and turn things over to YOU--the reader. After all, you're just sitting there in the air conditioning flipping thru your phone or on your laptop and reading this; so lets have some fun! Here's what we'll do: YOU list 5 things in a comment--and WE will guess the Topic! Example:

You comment: "ribbet, hoppity-hop, mmmm flies, green, splash!"

We answer: "Frogs!"

You get the idea. Let's keep it about the Permian Basin though, ok? Ready---GO!

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