Today is National Pi Day, not to be confused with National Pie Day. However, Pi I means absolutely nothing to me! But, pie sounds like a great plan.

Pi has to do with the number 3.14, which today is 3/14. All the smart mathematicians out there can celebrate their day way they want to but I am celebrating with PIE!

You can actually get discounts on pie today, any pie form pizza pie to pecan pie. I decided to get an assortment  of from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

pie 2

in Midland. They have the perfect set up. You can get a box of four mini pies and and four different flavors. I got one for us here at the office. I had, had the buttermilk before, so I knew that one was good, but I got it for everyone else to try. I love pecan pie, so I got one of those. I thought everyone in the office would like the I-40 pie, which is pecan, chocolate chip and coconut pie. And last but not least Rachel, talked me into trying their apple pie, she said it was there most popular, and it was to die for!

Every good southerner should enjoy pie and why not today, when you can get  mini pies at Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop for just 3.14!

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