It's the best day of my life right now it's, National Napping Day. This is the perfect day for me.

National Napping Day comes the day after Daylight Saving Time kicks in, which makes perfect sense. We lost an hour of sleep so some might be need a nap today. I need a nap everyday, so this is a great day of celebration for me.

How did I never know there was a National Napping Day. I am a nap taker! With my crazy schedule naps are a requirement. Getting up so early and working until about 5pm every day. I know people work a lot more hours than I do but mine work schedule requires a nap. LOL

Ok maybe I just like to nap. But it has to be a short nap power nap because if I nap for about an hour or longer, it's too long and I am useless the rest of the day.

Do you take naps.

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