Sometimes people just need to mind their business! I always go in and out of my house through my garage, so I don't use the front door often.

Yesterday, after I got home, I walked by the front door and could see there was a sticky note on my front door. I opened to door to find at not that read

"Lawn Care 432-693-XXXX"  I am assuming they were implying I needed my yard mowed. At first, I thought maybe it was a someone who does yard work trying to get business. No! It was a middle aged woman driving a very nice SUV.

Well, here is why I have to say about that..... I have a door came and I know what you look like and the car you drive. The next time you want to butt into my business, know the business first.  Not that I need to explain myself but, my yard gets mowed every two weeks. The young man next door mows my yard and it just so happen that they were out of town this weekend, so I was waiting for him to get back.

It's not my yard was a jungle or anything like that! Like I said my yard gets mowed every two weeks. To the lady that left the note on my door, if you are so concerned about my yard, you pay for someone to do it!

While you are worried about mine, you probably have a husband that takes care of yours!

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