It's been a much warmer than average Spring in West Texas. Record-tying temperatures in the lower 100s for a week or so have everyone scrambling for relief in the pool, air conditioning whether it's at home or doing some shopping... And so many being good neighbors checking on one another making sure everyone's got fans and air conditioning and water etc. And heaven help the home or business where the air conditioning goes on the fritz and you have to call the repairman. We've been waiting for a new compressor for our ac units at the radio stations for over a week, and we're told they are on backorder. So our Boss has the office staff mostly working from home while we wait for the part we need. Thankfully the studio units are still working so we can come in and do shows on the air. There IS relief in sight though as high temperatures over the weekend drop from the 100s into the upper 80s on Saturday and low to mid-70s on Sunday.


But there is also a place where relief will come MUCH sooner than that. Denver Colorado had a high of 90 degrees today-and the overnight low tonight is 40---a fifty-degree drop! Then comes the Winter Storm Warning with precipitation and high temps around 40 during the day and into the 30s overnight with snow. Happy Spring! I have friends there who aren't happy they have to drag out all the winter coats again and prepare for a second winter over the next few days. So while we complain about how hot it is in West Texas--always remember that it could be worse!

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