This week, country stars put out music videos that will take you to church or take you out for an eventful night on the town, depending what you're in the mood for! Read on to get to know all your favorite new releases from country music this week.

Tim McGraw, "Neon Church":

Tim McGraw's latest single, "Neon Church," plays out in a music video that features people painting out the lyrics in neon as they move artfully across the screen. The anthemic honky-tonk ballad is set against a black backdrop with an assortment of average bar-goers stand in solidarity with McGraw, proclaiming their needs for a little barroom religion.

Chris Lane, "I Don't Know About You":

Chris Lane experiences a change of heart during karaoke night at a dive bar in the latest video for his new single "I Don't Know About You." What starts out as a quick stop with friends for one drink turns into a mischief filled night with a stranger, running from the police, who end up being more involved in the situation than Lane realizes at the beginning of the song. Directed by Justin Clough, the dimly lit video is set to the smooth backdrop of Lane's romantic slow jam.

Tenille Arts, "I Hate This": 

The music video for Tenille Art's latest single, "I Hate This" follows the aftermath of a breakup as she runs into her former flame at their old haunts. From director Todd Cassetty, the video of Art in a coffee shop changes perspective as she bemoans the breakup and she finds herself upside-down and sideways in otherwise familiar settings that have become twisted and uncomfortable with her broken heart. Making the video was equally disorienting, according to the artist. “I literally had my world turned upside down,” Arts says in a press release. “I was laying on the ceiling, standing on the wall. It was a crazy fun day..."

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