Or would it? It is said that THE most popular alcoholic beverage in the entire STATE OF TEXAS is the Margarita! True or false? It's images are those of a Mexico origin, but truth be told the drink was born right down I-10 in El Paso. So, Texans--what say you? There are SO MANY great beverages to choose from, regardless of their origins. And so many great establishments here in the Basin at which to try them. For example--I absolutely LOVE the El Jefe at Abuelo's off the Loop 250 in Midland... I had never had a citrus-infused margarita before--so delicious! Then--there's the wide selection at BOTH Bubba's 33 AND Tkilaz Mexican Restaurant... Bubba's has the various versions of Long Island Iced teas to try that are out f this world... And Tkilaz has a drink menu just as huge as their food menu with lots of originals. My personal Favorite--the "57 Chevy".

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Everyone has their personal tastes, some people don't like any sort of whiskey, some people don't like beer, some love wine and some don't... And when it comes to wine--some are dry fans and some are sweet... And usually never the Twain shall meet. You're one or the other. Either way it's worth hitting the establishments we have here to experience all the originality at the bar. And I've just mentioned Midland so far. Odessa has a lot of great places to try as well--Mi Piaci is definitely on the list... So is Mamasita's and Bottom's Up! What's YOUR favorite place to go here? Comment below and tell us!!

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