Well, here we are... 41 days away from the official first day of summer. Even though for most of us the official kickoff to summer is Memorial Day weekend in a couple of weeks, the calendar says it's June 21st. We've been watering outdoor plants, whatever grass we may have on our properties, as well as flowers we've either planted this spring or they're annuals and they've returned-since Easter weekend. But that was before... Before all the 100-degree days that we seem to always get here in the summer months that string consecutively together. And it doesn't look like this summer will be very forgiving when it comes to those temperatures and the rainfall; or should we say lack thereof.

According to the Farmer's Almanac-this summer and beyond will be above normal in high temperatures, and below average in the amount of rainfall we get... In fact, it's saying that from now thru October of this year, we will see above-average temperatures and significantly below average/normal amounts of rain. That means a LOT more watering, and that means a much higher water bill. IF we want the grass to stay green, the flowers, trees, and plants to stay alive and grow, and for everything around us to stay pretty. This summer, the Almanac says not much help at all from Mother Nature.


It's not a bad idea to contact your landscaper and make sure the sprinkler system is fine-tuned and programmed correctly so that everything gets the water it needs without bleeding your bank account dry every month. Enjoy your extra warm and dry summer!

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