Do something different for your sweetheart for Valentine's day this year. Think outside the chocolate box this year. Here are a few ideas to do something different this year.

There is probably no way to not get your girl flowers, but don't go with roses do something different. Try a bouquet with tulips, daisies, lilies or my favorite hydrangeas. I'll be giving flower arrangements away this week from D'Creations Favela, so I can help you get your flowers covered.

As far as sweets go step up your game. Instead of the quick box of chocolate. Make it look you put some real thought into it. Go with pies or cookies. Buttermilk Pie Sky shop has you covered on that one. Call a head and they will have your order pre-wrapped and ready to be picked up.

As for dinner you don't have to go out to a crowded restaurant, grab some sushi and wine and light a few candles. It will show your partner you put major effort into Valentine's Day.

Coming up on Thursday I will be giving away the ultimate Valentine's Day package with flowers from D'Creations Favela, pies for a year from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop, and a $100 gift certificate from the Pink Pug.


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