There are so many platforms online to sell your belongings but there are some things you should just throw away.

I am part of several buy, sell, and trade groups on Facebooks and I know there are several apps where you can sell your stuff. I've used them myself but I feel that there are some items you should never try to sell online and just throw away.

For example, people who try to sell undergarments. No! No way, no one wants your used underwear or bras, that's gross! Throw them away. Another thing is dirty old tennis shoes that you want $5 for. Just throw them away.

This is a true story, yesterday I saw a woman selling a colander for $.25. Really it took time to post that then the money you will make. Throw it away.

Another thing that I think should not be done on these trade pages is look for childcare. If you do it on your personal page that is one thing, you are asking friends. But to put it out there to strangers I think it's very dangerous. You don't know what kind of people will respond.

Before you put something out there to sell, think to yourself "would I buy this?" If the answer is no then you don't post it.

What other items do you think should not be sold online.

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