This may look like an ordinary pot cooking on the stove but to me  it brings back so many great memories.

This is a way for me to enjoy or of my favorite things without all the work. All my life my Grandma has made what we call cabbage balls. It was a rolled ball of ground me and rice wrapped in cabbage and cooked with stewed tomatoes.

Everytime I make this is or see or hear of someone making this, I will always be transported back to sitting at the "snack bar" at my Grandma's eating cabbage balls. 


I have found a recipe that will give me the same great taste with out all the work lol.

It's actually very simple.


1 Cup of Rice

1 pound of hamburger meat

Diced tomatoes

Tomato Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

If you like you can add bacon, onions or any seasonings you prefer. This can also be make in the crockpot.

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