We all have things in life that we just don't like to do. We find any way to keep from doing them. There are a few on my list I am sure you can relate to.

1. Taking out the trash. I think that should be a man's job but since there is no man at my house I have to do it.

2. Putting up laundry. I don't mind washing and drying it but it hanging up and or folding it and putting it away are just another thing I put off as long as I can. On the other hand I can't stand wrinkled clothes so I have to get them hung up asap.

3. Unpacking a suit case. I am the worlds worst at unpacking. I have even been know to remove something when I need it. When I think about it I will wash it or I will go get it out of the suitcase, In fact, I got back from Memphis on Sunday and still haven't unpacked. LOL


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